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TechXtra Exclusive Offer: Information Security Kit + 3 Related eBooks!

Posted in News by santychumbe on March 15, 2012

We’re rolling out a new offer exclusive for TechXtra users. Not only have we
regained rights to a free and valuable Information Security eBook normally
sold for $9.99, we’re also attaching three related eBooks to provide a fully
loaded bundle for your audience. Grab it until this Friday, March 30th before you miss out on this limited time deal.

This self-titled “Scrappy Information Security Kit” includes the following:
– *”Scrappy Information Security:”* Who remembers “The Net” with Sandra
Bullock? Or the recent movie “Untraceable” with Diane Lane? Cyber crime is no
joke and this eBook is for everyone who wants to protect the security and
privacy of their online information. Save $9.95 and download it now to take
action-oriented steps to keep you safe.
– *”Social Networking & Security Risks:”* Focusing specifically on social
networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, this document outlines the
security concerns with each and identifies solutions to protect you, your
personal information and your Company data. If you’re concerned about cyber
bullying, give this one a read.
– *”Magic Quadrant for User Authentication:”* Jumping to the Enterprise
level, this whitepaper takes the opposing viewpoint and discusses what
businesses can do to secure user identities as well as how to select
authentication vendors.
– *”Key E-Discover Issues to Consider:”* The popular security software
Company, Symantec Corporation, provides its input on how organizations can
improve their electronic discovery process to avoid court sanctions, reduce
potential litigation costs and increase regulatory compliance.

Request Your Complimentary Kit NOW!


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