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White papers, webcasts and other free downloads available via TechXtra

Posted in News by Roddy MacLeod on July 13, 2009

TechXtra, the free science search engine, operates an affiliation scheme through which numerous White Papers, webcasts and other documents are available for free download.

Here are some examples:

A Smarter Start: Preparing Data with SPSS Statistics Base  Webcast. Before you can analyze your data, you must prepare it for analysis. SPSS Statistics Base offers an array of techniques and features to help users validate data in order to ensure more complete, effective, and accurate analysis.

Strategies to Run a Lean Supply Chain: How Principles of Lean Manufacturing Transfer Benefits to Operations White Paper. Explore the process of lean manufacturing and how it can be applied to supply chain management.

Protecting Your Network Against the Growing Danger of Web Attacks  White Paper.

 “Employee Web Use and Misuse: Companies, Their Employees and the Internet”  White Paper.  Is it okay for employees to spend time on social networking sites, shopping online or downloading pirated music? What are the risks associated with web surfing?

More white papers, downloads and podcasts available internationally are available.

Roddy MacLeod
TechXtra Manager


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