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OneStep Jobs now includes Check4Jobs vacancies

Posted in News by Roddy MacLeod on May 13, 2009

Job vacancies in engineering, mathematics and I.T. from Check4Jobs have been added to TechXtra OneStep Jobs.

OneStep Jobs includes details of many thousands of job vacancies from top sources in one place.

Roddy MacLeod
TechXtra Manager


4 Responses to 'OneStep Jobs now includes Check4Jobs vacancies'

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  1. David loughrey said,

    Check4jobs has without a doubt got to be one of the most user unfriendly sites on the web. Having registered my CV I now find myself in the dubious position where I can not access it to make ammendments to the content and I can not even find out how to cancel my registration.

  2. Richard Arundel said,

    don’t register with them. they send your CV out to “carefully selected partners”. That could be anybody!!! If you don’t want your personal information sent out to people you don’t know then do not register with them!!!!!!!

    Also I agree, site is unfriendly and no sign of how to cancel your registration.

  3. Steve said,

    Avoid this company at all costs – my CV appeared on their website without my consent and they then proceeded to sell it on to other people

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